Estate Planning

The attorneys at Dixon Giesen & Flessner Law Offices provide estate planning and legal services to clients all over Illinois. Our staff is highly trained in these areas, and offers personal legal advice and representation in order to help you make the right decisions. We represent all of our clients in a professional manner and ensure that you and your loved ones are fully protected.

Our Estate Planning Services Include:
Powers of Attorney
Will Contests
Assett Protection Planning

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:     Do I have to be wealthy to worry about estate planning?

A:     No, there are many important reasons for estate planning that are not about being wealthy. (I.e. do you have a disabled son/daughter, will children under the age of 18 be possible beneficiaries, is this a second marriage.)

Q:      What if I have a will and want to make changes, can I just write the changes on the original?

A:     Don't do it! You may invalidate the entire will. Instead, make an appointment and find out if there is a simple and inexpensive way to make the changes.

Q:     How about will forms off of the internet?

A:     The form may be fine, but if you don't fill it out correctly or don't have it properly witnessed or don't fully understand what the language means, it will be too late to fix it if the errors/omissions are not found until after your death.

Things to Consider:

  • Do you have minor children?
                   If you do, what plans have you made to have someone care for them if something happens to you and your spouse?
  • It is not true that "The State" gets your money if you die without a will but the law does say what will happen to your assets and it might not be what YOU want. A will puts you in charge.
  • Who will be in charge of your affairs if your health prohibits you from managing your money while you are alive?
  • If you don't properly put your decisions in writing, a court will decide for you.

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